Why Acrylic? The Material Behind Our Eyewear

Why Acrylic? The Material Behind Our Eyewear


Acrylic is a material synonymous with strength, durability, and versatility. Its variations are used in everything from signs, to televisions, to large aquariums, to windows in submarines. It is just that strength, that variety, and that unique combination of traits that makes Acrylic the perfect material for Kirk & Kirk eyewear frames.

Our acrylic

Kirk & Kirk specially developed our own grade of Italian acrylic for use in our frames. This material allows us to truly represent those who wear Kirk & Kirk frames: the individuals, the creatives, anyone who wants a special object to truly reflect the many dimensions of who they are. This material allows for comfort and shape in our eyewear, but it also allows for a full range of colour to truly convey the range of emotions we hope to express through our eyewear. Acrylic is a material that allows for its own unique colour palette. These colours are specific to Kirk & Kirk frames and cannot be duplicated. To maintain the high quality and specificity of our frames and designs, each frame is handmade from start to finish in France using materials sourced from a single factory in Italy.

Eyewear for everyone

Once formed into eyewear, each frame individually constructed and inspected. The frames then find their way to the world. This is where the qualities and benefits of acrylic truly come to life. The material can be formed to look like a heavy and thick plastic, but the acrylic is light even when giving a bold look. The comfort of the lightweight acrylic makes the frames a go-to choice for eyewear lovers. Even those with perfect vision seek out Kirk & Kirk frames as a comfortable sunglass or a unique and durable accessory. Acrylic holds its adjustment and doesn’t need frequent visits to have the frames tightened or modified once fitted by an optician. Acrylic frames are a fashionable choice for those with mobility issues or those who’s schedule simply doesn’t allow for frequent adjustments. Acrylic eyewear gives a sense of security and satisfaction that the frame will be a reliable sidekick through work, play, travel, and all the day-to-day surprises that come along the way.

Expressing who you are through acrylic

When you find an object that represents you as much as your Kirk & Kirk frame represents your personality and style, you want that object to last. Acrylic is a material that doesn’t easily break down, doesn’t stretch out, and allows for the range of colours, styles, and comfort that you seek in eyewear. As you evolve, so will your eyewear, but the acrylic frames will still be there, a constant reminder of who you are and the evolution of your style. A constant and consistent object of comfort and colour. Acrylic is a material to move with you through the stages of your life. Eyewear to go with you as you travel, laugh, love, and cry. It is a material that will stay light, stay formed to your features, and maintain durability through these stages of your life.

Acrylic is the choice of Kirk & Kirk eyewear because it is the best material to represent the form, function, and style behind Kirk & Kirk and those who wear these unique, comfortable, and versatile frames.

Ella in Bordeaux from Centena - Kirk and Kirk
Ella in Bordeaux from Centena, created in Kirk & kirk 10mm acrylic

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