Spotlight on Hana

Spotlight on Hana

If any frame in our eyewear collection deserves a little love, it is Hana.
Consistently at the top of the charts in the Kaleidoscope Collection, this elegant Cat Eye is at once feminine and powerful, sexy and confident.
Let’s get a little geeky…….like all Kirk & Kirk glasses, Hana is handmade in France from our own, special grade of Italian acrylic. This beautiful material is extremely light and makes the lovely lunettes extremely comfortable to wear.
Because it weighs so little, we can afford to use thicker material without making any concessions to comfort. All of the frames in our Kaleidoscope Collection are hand-crafted from 8mm acrylic. This allows us to sculpt an integral bridge that is angled to optimise the surface area that touches your nose so the frame fits most bridges.
For those of you with a flatter bridge or that need to lift your frame away from your face so that it does not rest on your cheek bones, all Kirk & Kirk frames can be fitted with metal nose-pads. For special fitting requests, contact our offices on [email protected].
The elegant lines of an upswept frame have been popular amongst women since the 1950s but do not have to look like ‘retro frames’. This is a contemporary style that suggests power and confidence and is equally at home in the board room or on the boardwalk.
Understated in Midnight or Earth, Hana’s sleek form provides a stand-out silhouette but add a little extra sass with a dose of colourful eyewear and the recipe is complete. The blues and greens of Apple, the spice of Chilli or vivacious Violet all add to the potency of this stunning and charming style.
There are a few cat’s eye frames in the Kirk & Kirk collections but Hana is the queen.


Hana in Violet from the Kaleidoscope Collection
Hana in Purple and Hana in Marine
Hana in Earth

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Spotlight on Hana


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