Silmo Special Award – please help nominate our frame

SILMO Paris is one of the largest optical tradeshows in the world, and this year they celebrate an important milestone – their 50th anniversary.  As you know, Jason and Karen Kirk, the founders of Kirk & Kirk, also have reason to celebrate, as 2017 marks their 25th anniversary in optics and in marriage. 


In recognition of this anniversary we launched the Kaleidoscope, QUARTZ EDITION, a collection of specially commissioned materials that glitter and sparkle- and we have entered the style HANA in AMBER from the collection into Silmo’s 50TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL AWARD.


We would be very grateful for your support to promote this frame as one of the iconic frames of the year – so if you have a second
PLEASE CLICK HERE and simply LIKE the picture! That’s all! 


Thank you in advance and wish us luck! 🙂


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