Skye and Ross from Morcheeba in Kirk & Kirk Eyewear

Few bands stay at the top of their game as long as Morcheeba.
Their first album, ‘Who Can You Trust?’, sounds as fresh today as it did when it was released in 1996.
The Kirk & Kirk team caught Morcheeba on their recent tour at The Old Market in Hove and what a great gig it was. Their recent album, ‘Blaze Away’ is superb and the tour is peppered with current tracks and hits from their incredible back catalogue.
Skye Edwards’, pure, calming voice held the audience in rapture and Ross Godfrey stroked his guitar with a languid familiarity and a relish that communicated the genuine pleasure that this astonishing band clearly feel when they are performing.
Skye always looks stunning and makes her own stage outfits so we are particularly flattered that she chooses to wear Kirk & Kirk frames. Hana from the Kaleidoscope is a great shape for Skye and we love the way that she plays with the various colours when she has found the style that suits her.
In this photo, Skye wears Hana in Onyx and below, Hana in Clay.inline_790_//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0614/7625/files/2018.01.24-Morcheeba-Shot-03-057_grande.jpg?v=1540985757
Ross is also a Kirk & Kirk wearer. We have spotted him in Fleming from the Vivarium collection and more recently in Victor in Earth from the Kaleidoscope collection.
It’s my turn to choose the music in the Kirk & Kirk studio today and no prizes for guessing who we are playing. Check out the Morcheeba hit list and just hit “PLAY”. inline_738_//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0614/7625/files/image1_grande.jpeg?v=1540985798
I can guarantee that with tracks like Trigger Hippy, Tape Loop, Blood Like Lemonade and Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day you will be dancing round the photocopier all day long.



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