Personal Shopper at Kirk & Kirk

Personal Shopper at Kirk & Kirk

Choosing eyewear can be challenging; fun but challenging. It’s not easy to find glasses that look good and reflect your personality.
In the past, you could take your bestie to the optician with you and they could help you pick out frames but with the Pandemic making it harder to get out to the shops, we thought you might be grateful for a little help choosing some fabulous specs.

Kirk And Kirk Glasses Personal Shopping Service

Kirk & Kirk personal shopper to the rescue….. Just tell us a little bit about yourself, what you like doing, where you like hanging out and whether you are looking for optical frames, sunglasses, or a little bit of both, and the Kirk And Kirk design team will come straight back to you with a selection of gorgeous custom curated frames that we think you will enjoy.

Follow us on Instagram where you can see our frames in action and it might well start you on the right track.

There are around 400 Kirk & Kirk stockists around the world, all of them great, independent opticians so we can point you in the right direction or, if there is not a convenient store nearby, you can buy directly from the website with the security of free shipping and a full refund if the frames are not right for you. Check out our FAQs.

Please don’t take any shortcuts with your eyes. Make sure that you get a regular eye test at an independent optical store where they take as much care over your eye health as they do over your eye styling!

Got any questions? Please just give us a shout on [email protected]

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Savannah wearing Hana in violet from Kaleidoscope
Jack wearing Eden in Forest from Matte Centena
Kathi in Fuchsia Jane from Kaleidoscope

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