Men’s Glasses – finding great eyewear for men



Gone are the days when men felt obliged to wear tortoise shell glasses or little metal frames to be as inconspicuous as possible.
Work wear is generally less formal and people have much more opportunity to express their personality through their clothing so why would eyewear be any different?
The first challenge is to find a good independent optician that offers interesting and exciting frames. There is an excellent international list of retailers stocking Kirk & Kirk here but a little bit of digging and you can find exciting opticians in most towns and cities around the world. If you need some guidance, contact us at [email protected].
You can play it safe with bold dark frames and there is a wide range of Havana tortoise shells out there but why restrict yourself? The frames do not need to be wild but they should reflect your personality.If you are on the Kirk & Kirk blog you probably don’t need persuading but, just in case you do…….
you can play it relatively safe but still show that little point of difference in the colour of your frames. Take Earth in our Kaleidoscope collection which is a simple brown colour so has a similar effect to many tortoise shell frames but when the sun hits it there is a hint of blue that appears. 


What about this Victor in Midnight colourway? It’s a blue grey so you can wear it with everything and so much more interesting than a dull black frame.
Shapes are bigger and bolder than they have been for some time so a prominent style will not look conspicuous. Go for it.
Nick Johannessen, writer of the excellent Well Dressed Dad blog has been spotted wearing Carey in Midnight. It is under-stated yet has bags of personality.inline_326_//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0614/7625/files/60338135_460314984740376_7295917665053310976_n_grande.jpg?v=1560161836
Naturally, you can go as bold as you like. Pierce from Georgetown Opticians in Washington DC looks amazing in this Victor in Cerise but the art is to find eyewear that reflects your personality, frames that are effortless whether they are rimless or 10mm acrylic.




One of our favourite frame selections is Jim Williams, owner of Eye To Eye,
a superb optical store in Mexico, Missouri. Not only does the Victor in Ocean suit Jim physically but it matches his personality to a tee. Top tip: Tak a  look
at what your optician is wearing before you take their styling advice!
Gents – treat yourselves to a few frames for different occasions and different moods. It is an expensive purchase but your eyewear says so much about you and, like it or not, people will judge you on your glasses. How much have you spent on shoes this year? 
Go for it, fellas. If you get the right frames, it is an amazing feeling…..every day.

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