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Please welcome the fabulous Katie Kral who will be representing Kirk & Kirk on the West Coast of America.inline_302_//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0614/7625/files/IMG_1164_2_grande.jpg?v=1490961139



Katie is wearing Hana in Violet

1) How did you get into optics?
I’ve long been a lover of great glasses, in both style and quality. I was offered a role with Luxottica and even though I knew that was not where I wanted to stay, it was certainly a great start in the industry.


2) What have you done within the profession?
I started out as an eyewear consultant, then moved into a management position with Luxottica, from there I quickly moved to private practice where I managed two large offices. I used to oversee frame buying and all things optical, before getting the chance to be a rep, and I’m just thrilled!

My favourite part of private practice was being much more hands on with patients and important causes.  We did a lot of work and support with Retinoblastoma in children and even though sometimes those were challenging cases to see, the reward far outweighed the negatives.


3) What have you done outside of the profession?
I was a civilian contractor of the US Navy for years and was fortunate enough to travel to many places during that time…Hawaii, Germany, Florida, and Italy.  I was in charge of programming for youth and teen camps as well as the MWR division of the military.  


4) What do you love outside of optics?
I love anything outdoors, I love being with my family, I love to travel (which is a good thing being in the rep business!), and I LOVE my fur kids!


5) An unusual interest/hobby?
My husband and I love antiques, and love to junk hunt!


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