Meet Nicholas Pinnock, lead in For Life, the new ABC series, produced by 50 Cent

British actor, Nicholas Pinnock, is a fascinating chap.
We have enjoyed his roles in Marcella, Captain America:The First Avenger and Counterpart but when Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent, contacted him to take the lead in the new ABC series, For Life, Nicholas did not take much persuading.

Nicholas knows his craft. On stage or either side of the camera, he understands quality and integrity, so being selective about the roles that he accepts is part of the master plan.

For Life hits our screens on February 11th. It is based on the life of Isaac Wright Jr, who was convicted of a crime that he did not commit and was sentenced to life imprisonment. While in jail, he trains to become a lawyer in order to overturn his conviction and to defend others. It looks amazing…..

Jason Kirk and Nicholas caught up in Brighton last week.

Jason: Outside of your profession, what makes your heart thump?

Nicholas: Dance, specifically ballet and music…I feel so happy when I’m playing the congas. Also art. I love looking at beautiful things.

Jason: Are social issues important to you when you choose a role?

What social issues are at the top of your list?

Nicholas: I don’t always have the luxury of choosing the roles I go up for, but where possible, I try and be as socially and morally conscious about the characters I play and the projects/stories I choose to tell. Top of the list would be mental health and social justice.

Jason: Have you always worn glasses?

Nicholas: Since the age of 10.

How do you feel about eyewear?

I love it…I think it can really transform the way I feel about myself and the perception that people have towards me. I can make them think what I want them to think through the eyewear I choose and it’s a bit of a shield. I like that people can’t always see “me.”

It is always a huge pleasure to spend time with Nicholas. His feet are firmly on the ground. He is not only a talented actor and producer but also an ambassador for mental health charity, Mind.

In the photo, Nicholas wears Ray in Apple from the Kaleidoscope collection

Thanks for meeting up and we can’t wait to see the new series. For Life – February 11th, 2020.

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