Looking After Your Eyewear

When you invest a beautiful new frame, please look after it.
Don’t throw your glasses in the bottom of your bag or you will damage your lenses. 
Keep them in a protective case.inline_82_//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0614/7625/files/KirkandKirk_Colour_cases_large_3fb8687c-5c7d-4269-93cf-6f57417e8e04_grande.jpg?v=1489480038


When your lenses need a clean, do not use your T-shirt……..make sure that you have a specially adapted microfibre cloth which is gentle against the surface and effective against smears. Remember that you have invisible coatings on your lenses, whether sun or optical, that protect the surface and enhance your vision.inline_826_//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0614/7625/files/NIGHTOFFICE-FRONT_1024x1024_d31ef276-2cac-40c8-9a8a-e0f22fdb4723_grande.jpg?v=1489480320


And if I catch you putting your glasses on top of your head……..it bends the frames out of shape and hair products can ruin the lens coatings. 
You just spent good money on those glasses. Look after them.

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