Limited Edition eyewear …….no, really, Limited Edition.

There is ‘limited edition’ eyewear and ‘limited edition’ eyewear, right?
Some phrases get banded about and abused by the marketing department until they lose the beauty of their meaning.
Who remembers when ‘luxury‘ meant something incredibly special that went beyond what you would normally expect?
What about when a ‘customised’ product was adapted to suit your own, specific needs?

We believe that authenticity should run through every aspect of the way that we create a Kirk & Kirk frame, right down to how we describe it so, when we tell you that we are releasing a brand new, limited edition collection, we really do mean LIMITED EDITION.

We have taken three of our most coveted styles and produced each one in three, previously unseen colours and only made thirty of each for worldwide release.
We have called the collection, Kirk & Kirk Limited Edition and it is so sought after that we cannot even supply all of our stockists, in fact, we are not even selling it directly ourselves.
Only thirty of the best, independent opticians in the world will carry the collection.

If you are a fan of Hana, the Queen of the Kaleidoscope collection, you can now treat yourself to this beautifully balanced cat eye in Aqua, Coral and Olive. Each of these colours is matted by hand at our factory in France using our own Italian acrylic.

Victor is a favourite frame around the world but never before have we offered it in these simple but beautiful hues; Charcoal is a beautiful matte grey that can be worn with so many complementary colours. We recommend the Charcoal to accentuate blue eyes. Ice is a frosted white ………yes, white frames are coming back with a vengeance………and, after a surge in popularity in the Matte Centena collection, the Victor is available in Matte Tortoise. Don’t expect any of these to sit on the shelves for too long.

Last but not least is Lez, a sleek and gentle upswept frame. Thirty pairs of Verbena will be available worldwide as well as Ice and Azur , two delicate, feminine matted shades.

When we say ‘authentic’, we mean ‘authentic’. Just like all of our collections, Kirk & Kirk Limited Edition are handmade from start to finish in one factory in France, assuring the highest quality.

Unfortunately we could not make enough for all of our stockists but, if you need help finding Kirk & Kirk Select, drop us an email on [email protected]

Hana In Matte Aqua
Hana in Matte Aqua
Lez In Matte Verbena
Lez in Matte Verbena
Victor in Matte Ice

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