Keep your glasses clean

Our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has been at pains to tell us to wash our hands constantly while singing two verses of Happy Birthday.
I have written to him asking whether the Stevie Wonder version reaches sufficient levels of hygiene but have not yet had a reply.
The idea behind the regular and thorough cleansing is that the virus is not transmitted from your hands to your face so keeping everything around your face clean is imperative.
Whether your glasses are metal or plastic, your optician will recommend a cleaning solution but, if you do not have access to a specialist cleaning product, soapy water will be fine. Make sure that you dry the frame and lenses with a non-abrasive cloth and preferably a microfibre cloth which is designed for that purpose.
All Kirk & Kirk frames are made from acrylic. You can disinfect our acrylic eyewear with a cleaning alcohol similar to the ingredient that you would find in an anti-bacterial hand gel. Just apply a small amount on the frame (not the lenses), leave it to settle for 15 seconds and then gently wipe with a lens cloth.
There are plenty of speciality lens cleaning fluids available and these are definitely worth having, especially if you have expensive lenses and you want to protect the lens coatings. Kirk & Kirk has collaborated with Glasklar to offer our own lens cleaning solution but your optician should be able to provide a similar high-quality alternative.
Featured here is our new Penelope frame in Cerise from the Kaleidoscope Collection.

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