Stop Looking at me!

If you are reading this blog post, you are on a screen again. Unless you have printed it out on paper to avoid the blue light. Not that likely……..


Most of us are spending upwards of eight hours every day on some form of screen: mobile, laptop, work computer, TV, PlayStation or trying to read that little LED screen on your Sony Walkman.




Now the science bit; it ain’t good for your eyes. Eye strain, tiredness, dry eye, there have even been some reports of eyes changing colour from too much screen time (we just made that up). The point is that too much of anything is bad for your body parts and the eyes are no exception.


We are not here to preach. Like most intense social and physical phenomena, the effects of this unnatural exposure will not be known for years, perhaps decades but there is no question that it is putting a huge unnatural pressure on our eyes, a pressure for which the human body is not designed. There are scientific studies suggesting that there is a significantly increased risk of Macular Degeneration, which can dramatically affect your vision. A good source of information for understanding blue light and the risks involved is the article by Gary Heiting on allaboutvision.com and a great article in 2020 Optical magazine.
There have been ‘blue light’ lenses on the market for a while now, designed to protect your eyeballs from this relentless screen exposure but our advice is simple.
Get your eyes tested by an independent optician on a regular basis so that they can look out for any signs of damage or deterioration. A good optician will try to understand how and when you use your vision and suggest any lenses that might be useful before the damage occurs. Do not wait until it is too late!
Like most optical products, there is good and bad. Consumers rarely understand the justification of price difference in lenses – they all look the same, right? – but one of the major qualities that you pay for is the coatings. Not only is the efficacity of the lens an issue but also the durability. Have you ever bought a cheap frame and lenses and noticed the lenses starting to craze or look cloudy after a short time? Generally speaking, you get what you pay for.


You only get one set of eyes and, right now, with Netflix on your phone, laptops all day, the writing on shampoo bottles getting smaller, we need to look after our precious peepers. It is also a great excuse to treat yourself to some beautiful new frames.


One more thing…….make a conscious effort to give your eyes a break.


Find activities every hour or so that give them a rest. Make a cup of tea, walk the dog, water the yukka, re-arrange your sock drawer….anything. 

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