Introducing… Lez by Kirk and Kirk

Lez is one of the most distinct members of The Kaleidoscope Collection, a feminine, elegant cats eye silhouette, or ‘papillon’ as they are known in France. 


The collection is inspired by the infinite spectrum of the kaleidoscope, an expression of personality through colour. The word kaleidoscope derives from Ancient Greek ‘Kalos’, loosely meaning ‘inner beauty’ – a nod to the tradition of Kirk and Kirk, a reflection of our drive to innovate in the fields of ergonomic and aesthetic eyewear design.


With style, comes quality at Kirk and Kirk – all of our frames are handmade from start to finish in France from a special grade of Italian acrylic, which allows us to create our unique, vibrant colour palette. It also means that the glasses are incredibly light and comfortable to wear.


Lez is available in 10 colours (Earth, Flame, Dusk, Ocean, Aqua, Coral, Mighnight, Violet, Sunset and Emerald).


Find out more about Lez here >>>

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