Great Article by Dr Darryl Glover of Eye See Euphoria

Eye See Euphoria, headed up by Dr Darryl Glover Jr, has long been one of the best optical blogs around.
With excellent insights for the consumer and for the optical profession, Darryl and his team touch on
important optical subjects. They have just opened a beautiful new store in Lagos, Nigeria which embodies their philosophy.


In this superb article, The Ultimate Pair Of Glasses, Darryl talks about why we should get our eyes tested and update our frames and lenses once a year. He explores why this is essential, not just for eye health, but touches on the emotional value of always wearing a frame that reflects your ever-evolving personality.inline_915_//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0614/7625/files/0_grande.png?v=1532326266
We are delighted that, this year, Darryl chose a Kirk & Kirk Gilbert in Azur, with a sterling silver lion trim and it not only fits his face but also fits his personality beautifully.
You can see a great selection of Kirk & Kirk frames at Eye See Euphoria in Lagos.
Read the full article at linkedin.com/pulse/ultimate-pair-glasses-dr-darryl-glover-jr-/

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