Get to know our stockists : Michael Holmes Premium Eyewear

Kirk & Kirk are proud to be stocked in some of the best opticians in the world and we’d like to take the opportunity to tell you a bit more about some of them.


First stop is Michael Holmes Premium Eyewear, in Auckland, New Zealand.  If you’re in the area – GO VISIT! They’ve been in business for 16 years and have two stores, one in Newmarket and the other in Auckland City and stock some of the finest eyewear in the world (they also recently won Retailer of the Year for the second year in a row at the Newmarket Business Awards)!


We sat down and spoke to Kay (owner) to find out more:


How did you first find out about Kirk & Kirk? Myself and Michael (Holmes) have known about Jason Kirk for many years and always followed the collection on social media and loved it.  I do all the buying and had been looking for a range that offers colour, variety and some chunkier designs in a world where there is so much, what I call, “American Ivy league Style”.  


Tell us about some of the other brands you stock:  We only stock independent eyewear designers.  No licensed brands and no fashion labels.  Other favourite brands include Yellows Plus, Claire Goldsmith, Orgreen, Martin & Martin and Bevel.  There are more but these are some of our favourites!  We are the only opticians in New Zealand to limit our ranges exclusively to independent eyewear designers.  This allows us to thrive in a market where “cookie cutter” eyewear is becoming the norm.  Not everyone wants to buy their clothes at Kmart and thankfully so… we can offer fantastic options for those that appreciate quality and design.  We’re not interested in fads, we carefully select all our designers for their quality and enduring design ethos.  We’re very loyal and like to work closely with our designers for mutual success. 


Give us an example of great customer service: Michael once biked across half of Auckland at 3am as one of our international pilots had had two pairs of glasses chewed by a puppy!  Michael raced to his home to do an onsite repair to get him through the flight! 




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