Eyewear on Zoom

We’ve all seen those awkward scenes on camera when Zoom shares our more intimate moments with a screenful of friends;
Taking your phone to the loo with you so you don’t miss out on the conversation or pulling the face that accidentally gives away your true feelings about your boss’ idea.
With so many people working and playing from home, Zoom has whistled to the top of the app charts so, whether you are wearing Speedos or a leopard-skin mankini under the table, what you wear from the belly up is what you reveal on screen.
Great news; we can ditch the trouser budget and spend it all on eyewear!
We all dress to portray a certain aspect of our personality and with only 50% of your lockdown-enhanced body on display, what you wear up top has never been more important. No problem – we are here to help.
Fancy a little spectacle styling advice?
Our Personal Shopper service helps you find the frames to match your personality.

So whether you need new frames to impress the Bank Manager or some alluring eyewear for your Tinder profile, give us a shout.


Horace in Cosmic from Matte Centena
Marilyn in Crimson from Centena

Posted by Kirk & Kirk


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