Get your eyes tested

Most of us are glued to a screen for a good ten hours a day. Whether it’s your phone, your ipad or your laptop, our eyes are under constant pressure.
There are some tell-tale signs that you should get your eyes checked out, like headaches or just struggling to read small print, but a decent eye test will do so much more and might even save your life. 
We always recommend that you get your eyes examined by an independent optician, someone who cares about your health, not just your vision. The state of your eyes is a great indicator of your general body health and a good optician will spot many serious medical conditions before they take hold. You can expect your test to last a minimum of thirty minutes and if they whip you in and out in less than that time, the optician is probably more concerned with measuring your vision and selling you a frame and lenses than they are with your general well-being.
Even if you do not wear glasses and you have not noticed any problems, it is a good idea to get your eyes looked at every couple of years. 
You only get one set and they need to last a lifetime.
Please see our retailer list to find a good, independent optician near you.
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