Eye Care What You Wear – Is this the future of advertising eyewear?

Kirk & Kirk have collaborated with advertising giants Clear Channel Outdoor and creative agency Bastard.London to showcase the creative potential of digital out-of-home advertising at this years’ Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.


By using technology integrated from Quividi, Clear Channel are able to showcase the creativity, flexibility and real-time engagement potential of digital out-of-home advertising and Kirk & Kirk are delighted to be collaborating on such a progressive and enterprising campaign.


Bastard.London creatively developed the ‘Eye Care What You Wear’ campaign and full end to end production solutions, that takes an individual through a real world experience, with the technology ‘talking’ directly to them and collecting information around three data points, through a video sensor – (1). Gender recognition (2). Colour recognition (3). Does the user wear glasses?


The advertising screen invites an individual towards it, as they stand in front of the screen, the introduction video is activated and begins to ‘talk’ to them. By collecting information around three data points, through a video sensor – the display will then showcase a personalised piece of eyewear to match the style of the person in front of it.


The technology utilizes 10 colours from the Kirk & Kirk collection (featuring 1 sunglass and 1 optical frame for both genders). The software determines the best colour match from the individual’s clothes and the colour range within the frames, personally styling them and picking a pair of frames most suitable for them.  For example, if a (1) woman with a (2) red shirt (3) not wearing glasses is in front of the screen, then the female model and red pair of sunglasses is displayed, if it’s a (1) man with a (2) blue shirt, (3) wearing glasses then the male model and blue pair of glasses is displayed.


Jason Kirk says ‘Kirk & Kirk was selected for this campaign due to our dynamic and diverse colour palette.  The choice of colour in the Kaleidoscope collection offered the perfect opportunity to showcase the abilities of this specialist technology.   Having the ability to digitally interact with consumers globally or in a targeted capacity offers brands such as Kirk & Kirk endless opportunities and we are incredibly excited to be involved in this project.’


This unique and tailored technology gives brands the ability to generate personalized, contextually triggered content to digital screens around the world which we think is incredibly exciting! 


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