Colourful Eyewear to express your personality

Colourful glasses are no longer the exclusive realm of fashionistas.
True designer eyewear has embraced bright, bold frames and people are welcoming the idea of an eyewear wardrobe to reflect their personality and mood.
Where once we might have considered orange frames to be shocking, when worn with confidence they simply reflect a joyful outlook. 
It is important that you wear the glasses with ease rather than the glasses dominating you but below are two great examples of how effective wearing orange frames can be.
Utenzi Miller from Elegant Eyes, a great store in New Jersey, is wearing Neville in Tiger from the Centena Collection. inline_996_//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0614/7625/files/64268180_1156168224507625_4786138304271613952_n_grande.jpg?v=1562047639
Hans-Christian Buch of Buch Optik in Stavanger, wears Cecil in Tiger, also from the Centena collection,


How do these tiger orange frame smake you feel?

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