Can cheap sunglasses damage your eyes?

Gone are the days when people buy one pair of sunglasses per year.
Different looks, different functions or you simply fancy a new pair.
Prices vary hugely so what are you paying for?

Let’s keep it simple…….the most important part of the sunglass is the lens.
Even the cheapest of the cheap will make claims of protection but sunglasses
do serve a protective function as well as simply looking cool.
If you use a poor-quality, tinted lens you will trick your eyes into thinking
that they are protected. Not a good move and one that can cause serious
Do not be misled by the branding. Most of the household names that you
see on the side of the frame are licenses purchased by eyewear manufacturers 
and are not necessarily reflective of the quality you would normally associate
with that brand.


TOP TIP – visit an independent optician and ask their advice on what type
of lens will work for you. Any decent quality frame can house a sunglass lens,
even a prescription sunglass lens and your optician can add coatings
or a polarized lens according to your needs.
If you are using your sunnies for sport – maybe cycling or water sports
Oakley offer a high performing frame and lens, extremely sports orientated.
Maui Jim have a great reputation for high quality lenses 


All Kirk & Kirk sunglasses have a Zeiss anti-reflective sunglass lens which
offers superb protection as well as looking pretty hot.
This seasons favourite is Max, a chunky aviator.


Because Kirk & Kirk eyewear is made of acrylic, the frames weigh hardly anything
compared to their appearance and remember that you can always add
a prescription sunglass lens to any of our frames.

Enjoy the sunshine……responsibly.



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