Optical Goddess, Autianna Wilson, hits a purple patch

Some images become iconic over-night and Autianna Wilson, AKA Optical Goddess, seems to have captured the mood with this astounding shot.n



Wearing the newly launched Jasmine in Fuchsia from the Spectrum collection, this shot has smashed all records.
Based in San Francisco, Auti’s blog, opticalgoddesslife, is causing quite a stir in the eyewear world and her Instagram feed, @goddessofoptix, is captivating the world of be-spectacled beauty.
This is not the first pic that Autianna has created in Kirk & Kirk. Last month she posted a series of gorgeous photos wearing Cecil in Tiger from the Centena collection and looked stunning wearing the frame at the MIdo optical show in MIlan.



Big THANK YOU to Auti, not only for wearing Kirk & Kirk so well but for explaining our concept so well on her blog…..give it a read!

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