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Autianna Wilson is making quite an impact on the optical scene.
Her blog is publishing some beautiful imagery and some very incisive articles so we were excited when Auti suggested she reviewed our frames.

These reviews are totally independent and we knew that Autianna was intrigued by our colourful eyewear and the light weight of the acrylic. Everybody seems to be enjoying the bright hues and the comfort of wearing our unique material but we were delighted to read such a perceptive appraisal, not only of the Cecil in Tiger that Auti wears so beautifully but also a more general assessment of our collection and our approach to design.
Give it a read. Whether you are a consumer or an optician, it is always great to get an independent review. While you are at it, check out some more of Auti’s articles. It is a great blog.

wearing Cecil in tiger from Centena

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