Happy New Year from Kirk & Kirk

Thank you to everybody who helped make 2018 a very special year for Kirk & Kirk.


It is only the 3rd January and things are shaping up nicely for 2019 and if you want the inside track on upcoming announcements, please make sure that you are on our mailing list.


Not many blogs mention Jeremy Corbyn and Young Thug in the same post but we like to change things up a little.


Kirk & Kirk got a nice mention in The Daily Telegraph yesterday. It seems that Jezza, the leader of the Labour Party, has taken to wearing designer glasses and the excellent fashion section of the Telegraph came to Kirk & Kirk for our comment on his choice of eyewear.


Although he was not wearing Kirk & Kirk, we were pleased to comment on how people can use eyewear to express their personality or, in this case, suggest personality traits. Take a look and let us know what you think.


On the same day, we spotted Young Thug wearing Mark in Violet from the Kaleidoscope Collection.

Word on the street is that the rapper has a few pairs of Kirk & Kirk frames in his armoury so we dug a little deeper and found this vid. Enjoy………


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