Silmo brings colourful eyewear to the fore

If you have never visited an optical trade show then it is difficult to imagine how fashion focused an exhibition like Silmo can be.


Alongside the clinical, there are a huge number of fashionable eye-wear brands and the best of them are companies that you are unlikely to have heard of, unless you are an eyeglass connoisseur.


Naturally ‘designer glasses’ dominate but these tend to be licensed products where a manufacturer has bought the rights to produce frames and emblazon some fashion brand name on the specs which usually means that the original fashion label has little or nothing to do with glasses design.


The Kirk & Kirk stand was very busy at Silmo so we did not have much time to explore but we did spot some exciting trends and some cool glasses from other companies that you might enjoy.


The first thing to share is that the vintage glasses obsession is well and truly finished. I don’t know about you but I am bored senseless with little round glasses or tortoise-shell Woody Allen specs. Frame designers and opticians will need to start using a little more imagination to inspire a well-educated public that has access to exciting eye-wear by simply going online and searching for it.

n is a great place to start placing eye-wear in context with fashion, design and culture. The is another great place to discover the best in eye-wear. Another great blog is which does exactly what it says on the label.


The second theme was colour. There will always be shelf space for black and tortoise frames but the last ten years have seen very little else and a few of the creative eye-wear designers were pushing the colour boat out.
We saw it on the Kirk & Kirk stand where the new Centena Collection benefited from the strong colour palette we create with our unique grade of acrylic.


We also saw some cool eye-wear with other companies and here are a few of our favourites.




Rigards always produce interesting frames and challenge traditional concepts of frame design. We loved their treatment of metal frames, as in the Uma Wang collaboration above, and the beautiful horn frames with which they are synonymous.inline_338_//
Hapter are another exciting company. Their use of unusual materials creates a unique and recognisable look and in this frame they feature a blend of rubber and steel.


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